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Triple P is a Positive Parenting Program that promotes good communication and strong relationships between parents and children.  This positive approach helps promote children's development and manage their behaviour in a constructive and caring way. 


Triple P helps parents recognise causes of common child behaviour problems and encourage desirable behaviour in their children.



Courses and workshops at The Parenting PLACE@kidsFIRST!


The Parenting PLACE@kidsFIRST


̃ Triple P Group Workshops for parents of children and teenagers

           Triple P Seminars for parents of children and teenagers

           Weekly Workshops for specific parenting issues.

            Individual Parent Consultations

̃ Triple P Individual Parenting Program

           - Intensive 10 week course including consultations at kidsFIRST Medical Center and home or public place visits.

̃ Triple P Seminars at Schools & Nurseries in Dubai.


Parents will learn:


̃ how to increase ‘good’ behaviours

̃ how to manage misbehaviours

̃ how to manage emotional behaviour

̃ how to handle risky behaviour

̃ how to strengthen parent-child relationships

̃ how to implement age-appropriate expectations

̃ how to encourage independence & responsibility

̃ how all carers can work together as a ‘parent team’

̃ how to apply parenting skills in a variety of settings

̃ the importance of teaching parent-determined values, skills and behaviours.





kidsFIRST Medical Center

Al Wasl Road, Um Sequeim 3, Dubai

Phone: 04 348 KIDS (5437)

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kidsFIRST Medical Center
ph 04 348 KIDS (5437)