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Who should do Triple P Seminars?

̃ Parents who are interested in current practices and research in parenting information.

̃ Parents who are interested in learning some extra parenting tips!

̃ Parents who are not working as a team and would like to!

̃ Parents who would like some support and encouragement.

̃ Parents who are mostly satisfied in their role as a parent but find some specific issues difficult (eg. managing emotions, routines, sibling rivalry, meal times etc.).

̃ Parents who have been encouraged by other professionals (eg. teachers, medical practitioners) to seek help with the behaviour management of their children.


Seminars for Parents of Children


For parents of children aged approximately 18 months—11 years of age.


The Power of Positive Parenting

Raising Confident, Competent Children

Raising Resilient Children


Seminars Parents of Teenagers


For parents of teenagers aged 12—16 years of age.



Raising Responsible Teenagers

Raising Competent Teenagers

Getting Teenagers Connected


Seminars can be conducted in Schools and Nurseries for parents of children and teenagers.



Please contact Therese Sequeira or kidsFIRST Medical Center.



kidsFIRST Medical Center

Al Wasl Road, Um Sequeim 3, Dubai

Phone: 04 348 5437