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The Parenting PLACE@kidsFIRST



Parenting can be a tough job!


The Parenting PLACE@kidsFIRST offers a variety of evidence-based parenting skills programs for parents,

Triple P: Positive Parenting Program.


̃ Group Workshops for Parents of Children, aged 18m—11 years

̃ Group Workshops for Parents of Teenagers, aged 12-16 years

̃ Seminars for Parents of Children, aged 18m - 11 years

̃ Seminars for Parents of Teenagers, aged 12-16 years

̃ Weekly Workshops

̃ Individual Parenting Program

̃ Individual Parent Consultations


At The Parenting PLACE @kidsFIRST, parents will:


· Solve current parenting problems.

· Receive information, ideas and strategies about common parenting issues. 

· Learn parenting strategies that  are proven to work (Triple P—Positive Parenting Program).

· Develop a positive parenting style that will strengthen parent-child relationships.

· Develop feelings of competence & confidence as a parent. 

· Have the opportunity to share parenting concerns in a caring and encouraging environment.

· Develop goals and behaviour plans based on personal family values.



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The values, skills and behaviours parents wish to see in their children are the choice of every parent.!