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Seminars for Parents of Children

(aged 18 months 11 years)


Triple P: Positive Parenting Program aims to make parenting easier!


The Triple P Seminars are designed to provide an overview and introduction to the principles of positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need to promote their health, development and well-being.


The seminars can be conducted in small or large groups.










Triple P Seminar 1 -

The Power Of Positive Parenting


Common Questions Parents Ask:

 How can I encourage my child to listen to me?

 What can I do when my child misbehaves in public?

 How do I encourage good behaviour?

 I dont feel confident as a parent!

 How do I stop my kids from fighting?

 I feel guilty if I take a break from my kids!

 My kids are so naughty!

 We dont agree on how to be parents!


This seminar presents an overview to the Principles of Positive Parenting creating a safe, engaging environment; creating a positive learning environment; using assertive discipline; having realistic expectations; taking care of yourself as a parent. Learn strategies for encouraging behaviour you like, managing & decreasing misbehavior.


Triple P Seminar 2 -

Raising Confident Competent Children


How do I help my children

 develop self-confidence?

 be cooperative & polite?

 get on well with others?

 learn to problem-solve independently?

 show independence?

 have good social skills?

 be considerate of others?

 develop a positive self-esteem?


This seminar teaches parents how to use positive parenting strategies to teach children important values and skills such as - encouraging respect & cooperation, being considerate, having good communication & social skills, encouraging friendship, learning to develop a healthy self-esteem, learning to become good problem solvers and learning to be independent.


Triple P Seminar 3 -

Raising Resilient Children


Parents can be unsure about how help their children develop emotional resilience.


Parents can help their children learn to:

 Become caring and socially skilled

 manage their feelings in ways that wont hurt others

 cope with stress

 find appropriate ways to deal with unpleasant situations


This seminar teaches parents how to use positive parenting strategies to help children learn to recognise and accept feelings, express their feelings appropriately, build positive feelings, develop coping skills, deal with negative feelings and deal with upsetting or stressful life events.



Dhs 250 Individual, Dhs 350 Couple (for seminars held at kidsFIRST).

Please contact us for school/nursery/playgroup bookings



2 hr seminar including materials & question time.