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Therese Sequeira in the Media



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Therese has appeared on episodes:

Season 1: 4, 14, 29, 39, 49, 62, 74

Season 2: 3, 87


Teenage Woes

February, 2013, Aquarius Magazine


Donít Let Children Rule the Roost!

29 January 2013, The National


New Yearís Resolutions you can stick to!

18 December 2012, Time Out Kids

The Right Way for Your Children to Play in the UAE

18 December 2012, The National


Taking Household Chores off the Charts

25 September 2012, The National


A Crash Course on Positive Parenting

10 September 2012, Aquarius Magazine


Why Donít My Kids Ever Listen to Me?

10 September 2012, Aquarius Magazine


Debate: Is it Ok to Smack your Child?

2 September 2012, Aquarius Magazine


Organized Mums in Dubai

29 August 2012, Time Out Kids


Is Your Child Moving to the End of their Primary School Career?

5 June 2012, Time Out Kids


Prevent your Child from Becoming a Smoker

19 June 2012, The National


Moving Up to Senior School

29 April 2012, Time Out Kids


Prosperous and Peaceful Parenting

22 February 2012, Good Taste Magazine


Dangers of Strangers

30 January 2012, Time Out Kids


How to Deal with Tantrums

1 May 2011, Time Out Kids


Top Tips

June 1 2011, Aquarius Magazine


Secret Diary of a Stressed Out Parent

28 August 2011, Time Out Kids


Family Festive Survival Guide

28 November, 2011, Time Out Kids


The New Year Can be a Great Opportunity to Adopt Better Practices with your Family!

28 December 2011, Time Out Kids


Parenting Solutions for You This Summer

1 June 2010, Aquarius Magazine


Screening the Screen

1 July 2010, Aquarius Magazine


Q & A on Parenting Solutions

1 December 2009, Aquarius Magazine