Small changes, big differences.

Group Triple P for Parents of Teenagers


Triple P: Positive Parenting Program aims to make parenting easier!


Teen Triple P teaches parents how to encourage emotional self-regulation and to help their teenager develop the social skills they need to get along with others and be successful at school and in the wider community.  Teenagers who grow up with positive parenting are more likely to develop appropriate life skills, feel good about themselves, and are less likely to develop serious problem behaviours.


What will I learn in a Teen Triple P Group Workshop?


Ž Skills to strengthen parent-teenager relationships

Ž Skills to encourage desirable behaviours

Ž Skills for teaching new behaviours and skills

Ž Skills to manage problem behaviours, including emotional behaviour

Ž Skills for teaching teenagers how to avoid or deal with high-risk situations

Ž How to take care of yourself as a parent.




































Weekly Topic

Session Content


1.  Positive Parenting

What is positive parenting?

Factors influencing teenagers’ behaviour

Goals for change

Keeping track of problem behaviour


120 minutes

2.  Encouraging Appropriate                                 Behaviour

Developing positive relationships with teenagers

Increasing desirable behaviours

Teaching new skills and behaviours

Holding family meetings


120 minutes

3.  Managing Problem Behaviour

Developing family rules

Dealing with non-compliance

Dealing with emotional behaviour

Using behaviour contracts


120 minutes

4.  Dealing with Risky Behaviour

Identifying risky situations

Routine for dealing with risky behaviour

Family Survival Tips

Preparing for telephone sessions


120 minutes

5.   Phone call Session:

Implementing Family Routines-1


Update on progress

Collaborative problem solving

Other issues


15 – 30 minutes

6.  Phone call Session:

Implementing Family Routines-2

Update on progress

Collaborative problem solving

Other issues


15 – 30 minutes

7.  Phone call Session:

Implementing Family Routines-3

Update on progress

Collaborative problem solving

Other issues


15 – 30 minutes

8.  Program Review and Close

Update on progress

Maintaining changes

Problem solving for the future


120 minutes


Dhs2600 per couple


8 week workshop. Parents attend 4 weekly sessions, followed by 3 weekly phone call sessions, and a final group session at kidsFIRST Medical Center.