Small changes, big differences.

What is Triple P?


Triple P is an evidence-based positive parenting program* which:


¨ Promotes good communication

¨ Builds relationships

¨ Promotes children’s development

¨ Helps recognise causes of behaviour

¨ Teaches parents how to encourage desirable behaviours & manage problem behaviour in a caring way.


*research conducted at University of Queensland, Parent & Family Support Centre, School of Psychology, Australia.


Triple P is based on 5 Principles of Positive Parenting:


1. Create a safe, engaging environment

2. Create a positive learning environment

3. Use assertive discipline

4. Have realistic expectations

5. Take care of yourself as a parent

What parenting skills does Triple P teach?


̃ Parent-child relationship enhancement skills

̃ Encouraging desirable behaviour

̃ Teaching new skills & behaviours

̃ Managing misbehaviours

̃ Preventing problems in high risk situations

̃ Mood management & coping skills

̃ Partner support & communication skills


Benefits to Parents:


̃ Learn and practise skills to manage children’s unpredictable behaviour

̃ Develop a positive parenting style

̃ Practise good communication and positive attention which will help children develop

̃ Solve current parenting problems

̃ Prevent future problems before they arise

̃ Easy to understand and implement


Benefits to Children & Teenagers:


̃ Develop positive personal and behavioural skills

̃ Receive positive attention from parents

̃ Learn to communicate in a positive way

̃ Will feel good about themselves

̃ Experience predictable consequences for misbehaviour

̃ Less likely to develop behaviour problems


Benefits to Schools:


̃ Triple P has been developed and researched by psychologists and, when the skills are practiced, is proven to show an overall improvement in children’s behaviours.

̃ Reduced levels in children’s emotional and behavioural problems, including conduct and anxiety.

̃ Assist and support parents in their role of raising children.

̃ Create a more confident parent community.





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