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EarlyBird Parenting Program

The National Autistic Society (UK)
















































kidsFIRST Medical Center

Al Wasl Road, Um Sequeim 3, Dubai

Phone: 04 348 KIDS (5437)







The NAS EarlyBird Program is a parenting program for parents/carers of pre-school children with and autism spectrum disorder.

What is the EarlyBird Program?

EarlyBird is a three-month parent program combining group training sessions with individual home visits, where video feedback is used to help parents combine theory with practice.

Who can attend the program?

The program is for families of a pre-school child with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.

When and where are the sessions held?

The eight group sessions are held at kidsFIRST Medical Center on the same day each week.  Each sessions lasts two and a half hours.

Who runs the program?

At kidsFIRST Medical Center, Therese Sequeira and Cheryl Pavitt are licensed to deliver the EarlyBird program.

What are the aims of the program?

¨ To empower parents/carers.

¨ To support families in the period between diagnosis and school placement.

¨ To help establish good practice in these very important early years of development.

What will we learn about?

The NAS EarlyBird approach will help you to:

¨ Understand your child’s autism

¨ Structure interactions to develop communication

¨ Develop strategies to pre-empt problem behaviors and/or manage those which do occur.

EarlyBird is an autism-specific early intervention program, which does not offer a cure BUT does offer parents’ the skills to help their child reach his/her fullest potential.

Please contact Therese for more information.